Is it really one-and-a-half years since we did our interview with Hittman? Heard „Destryo all humans“ in the car recently and am still totally enthusiastic about the brilliant Metal one gets hear with crystal clear Sound. Timeless. So I contacted the Band once more to see what´s happening, Vocalist Dirk Kennedy replied as fast as the first time:



Tell us a bit about how the album was received in general, as far as I could see reviews were fantastic!?


It was truly overwhelming. I mean, after all this time... there is so much  to think about.  Yes, the gigs went well and we learned we still had an audience who loved the old music, but what could we do to continue  and not totally F up whaever legacy we might have. We had already released a polarizing album ( Vivas Machina) that split our fans. That album was born out of frustration withrecord companies and pressure. We were naturally going more progressive yet, we tried to remain melodic and commercial too. So for this one, we decided to just remain true to our roots and make an album that sounded more like a natural successor to the debut.  The press were really kind to us and the reviews were fantastic. Of course, becuse of Covid, we couldn’t promote it like we wanted.


Isn´t it frustrating to the core to not be able to tour such a fantastic album as „Destroy all humans“ in times when touring / merchandising brings in the money and physical album-sales don´t?   


We had really hoped to tour and do the festivals with it. Ist almost impossible to survive financially without touring these days, most successful  record sales these days are just Pop and hip Hop so even though you can sell  thousands of albums it doesnt translate to setting the world on fire anymore.



Have you been treated well and fair by your record-company? Is there any payment for streaming at all?? How much did you sell of the album?


We have a great relationship with NO REMORSE. I guess its exactly as it should be. We’re a legacy  band and they have Baby bands they are trying to promote for a future career.  So our 1st album back can only be looked at as that. We have to prove its not a one off and that we have more to say. I think the next one will establish us again, hopefully, and allows us to resume and be taken seriously as a viable current band.



What does a Band do during times like these? You told of a gig opening for Queensryche in April?! Do you still meet regularly to rehearse or are you too far away from each other?


We did what everyone else did. We made a few videos, and baked bread, LOL. Actually we wrote a lot of songs for this next one, which is in various stages of recording. We are scattered all over the planet, so we meet on facetime/ phone to convey ideas. Weg et together when and if we have a gig. We played with Queensryche in April. That was really fun to play the new songs and Queensryche we’re very kind to us. Todd Latorre was just such a gentleman. He cou not have been kinder to me personally. Legend



Shouldn´t you have tons of new material by now? Or did you concentrate on your studio-work for other artists as told in our last interview and only do new songs when there´s really a new record coming up?


We do, I think we have enough for 2 albums. One will be a straight up HITTMAN album and the next one something more conceptual, but staying true to the HITTMAN ethos



Speaking of a new record, are there any plans for such or do you concentrate on touring for the recent album when the situation allows to do so?


Absolutely. But were older now and the thought of a bus for months is not all that appealing to any of us. Ideally, we’d like to play the Festival circuit and get to enjoy playing with the legendary bands. The Metal community united. its the best way to get the music out to a larger audience and not have to slog it out on the road. Which is truly for a young band. We did KIT, UTH and they were fantastic. We love those Wacken is a dream , of course.



How´s the Covid-situation in the US? Here the restrictions have been put down, first concerts start to happen even though government already tries to paint yet another panic-scene for autumn/winter.. are there any plans for gigs on your side and do you have management-support for planning those? Any chance to see you in Germany any time?


We have management. But we dont have the booking partner we’d like in place for europe. We havent been invited tot he bigger festivals and we’re not sure why. I mean, We’re a really good live act. J  We’re ready to do what we need to.



At the end of this, just let me ask you to not give up on the Band, Hittman are exceptional, have been in the past and are again nowadays and your time will come when you can show this on stages at least in your home-country.


Thank you. We have no plans to stop. This has been a rewarding thing, to come back. Not as a nostalgia  act but as a hungry band. While the USa doesnt  the fans like eurioe does the metal community is strong in certain marlkets. We’re doing dates with ACCEPT in september/ october and hopfully more and certainly in europe. We cant wait.


This is it. If you still haven´t listened to the fantastic „Destroy all humans“, do it. NOW!!! And buy the CD or do an Download (and pay for it!), this is such a great Band that is worth your support!